To My White, Christian, Straight, Republican Friends:

I am not okay.

Turns out, it’s highly unsettling when you fully absorb the idea that thousands and thousands of people exist who really do want to see you killed. Who want to do it themselves. It wrecks your mood, makes you super unproductive, and leaves you questioning just about everything.

I deflect with humor. I’ve laughed at how absurd and ridiculous and crazy “all of it" is. I’ve spread the memes far and wide. I have to find a way to process this or otherwise I’ll never leave my house. But the…

A picture of a mango, which is the size of the big fibroid that was in my uterus.
Part of the fruit salad that was squatting in my uterus. Who knew??

Reflections on a hysterectomy, one year later

According to some cultures, the womb is the source of a woman’s power; according to others, it’s why she was put on this earth — to sustain life. Having almost an entire system (THIS system) removed from your anatomy isn’t nothing. Yes, a hysterectomy is a procedure that is physically hard on a woman’s body. And also, depending on what her own life’s vision is, and where she finds herself within that vision, a hysterectomy can bring emotional and mental side effects that often need their own treatments, their own recovery plans.

This is the tale and the reflections of…

Light purple crocuses are emerging from dead winter leaves after a spring shower.
Spring in my neighborhood. Knoxville, TN. Photo credit: me!

Yes. This one was different than all other ones.

Thoughts about Passover 5780 / 2020

I grew up in a home that was somewhat observantly Jewish, at least by southern, Conservative (Jewish, not political) standards. We didn’t switch out our dishes, and we didn’t search for chametz with a feather and a candle. But our Passover observances included Seder dinners, surrounded by my friends and their parents that felt sooo looonng, hard on us as kids, and peppered with “when will we eat??” (and the subsequent parental shushing and promises of “soon”).

My biggest memory?

Judith Rosenberg

Proud citizen of Knoxville, TN mastering the art of living. Trying my best to be kind to myself, all of y’all, and the planet. Comms and branding by day.

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